the conference

The conference mission and revival is a three year project with three conferences (1 per year) in three different countries (brazil, united kingdom and kenya).

 Preachers and missionaries from different countries will meet to learn about what is happening and how to be more efficient in world missions.


That includes a ₤5 donation to the workin Kenya already included per ticket


Our partnership with kenya is happening through ggfan (god’s grace for all nations). We are planting churches and helping to build schools in the non reached areas in kenya, specially samburu county.


Bishop João Carlos Lopes

Bishop of the Methodist Church in Brazil

Bishop Simon Mwuara

Bishop President of GGFAN - Kenya

Bishop Simon has a ministry to plant churches and take the gospel to unreached people groups in the interior of Kenya. 




Luiz Cardoso

Minister in Oldham Uk, and missionary in Kenya

Fernando Monteiro

Pastor of the largest Methodist Church in South Brazil

Daniel Wesley

Pastor in Iguacu Falls - Brazil

Michelle Delaney


Conference Weekend

7:00 – 7:45pm – Worship
7:45 – 7:55pm – Mission Testimony
7:55-8:00pm – Introduction of the preacher
8:00- 8:50pm – Message I
8:50-9:00pm – Fellowship Time
9:15pm Departure

9:00 – 9:30am – Worship
9:30-9:40am – Mission Testimony
9:40-9:45 – Introduction of the Preacher
9:45-10:30am – Message II
10:50-11:00am – Worship
11:00-11:50am – Message III
11:50-12:00pm- Mission Testimony
12:00-12:10pm – Explanation of the Workshops

Saturday Afternoon – Workshops
1)        2:00-3:15pm – Mission, Gifts and Ministries – Pr Fernando Monteiro and Team   

2)        A) 3:20-4:20pm – Mission in Africa – Mission among the unreached – Bishop Simon Mwaura.
B) 3:20-4:20pm – Church structure and Mission – Using the structure of the church to reach cities and nations – Pastor Daniel Wesley

3)        A) 4:25-5:25pm -  Mission and church Growth – Bishop Joao Carlos Lopes
B) 4:25-5:25pm -  To be defined

Saturday Evening
7:00-7:35pm – Worship
7:35-7:45pm – Mission Testimony
7:45-7:50pm – Introducing the Preacher
7:50-8:45pm – Message IV
8:50-9:00pm – Fellowship Time
9:15pm Departure

9:30 – 10:00am – Worship
10:00-10:50 – Message V
11:00-11:30 – Worship
11:30-12:10 – Message VI
12:10 – Communion and the End of the Conference



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